Effects of Drug Dependency on a Drug Dependent

The results of drug addiction have an incredibly vast array and intensity. The effects can be felt by the individual who is addicted to the drug, both physically and mentally. It can also think in the people surrounding him or her, particularly the member of the family. It likewise impacts the healthcare system and the expense of justice.

Physical Effects of Drug Addiction

  • Damage to the brain. Drug dependency modifies the way the brain functions and influences how a body views satisfaction. The drug floods the brain with dopamine and serotonin chemicals throughout the usage of the drug. The brain adapts the existence of these chemicals and expects it until it becomes depending on the drug.
  • Contraction of liver disease, HIV and other contagious diseases
  • Heart rate ends up being irregular, and there is a high threat of a cardiac arrest.
  • The user deals with breathing issues like emphysema, lung cancer and difficulty in breathing.
  • The user might experience abdominal pains like vomiting, diarrhea or constipation.
  • The kidney and liver are damaged.
  • The usage has a high threat of having seizures, mental retardation or stroke.
  • There is a substantial modification in cravings, body temperature level, and sleeping patterns.

Psychological Effects of Drug Addiction

The psychological impacts are a result of the repeated utilized of the drug and the changes that take place in the brain because of the drug. Generally, an individual starts using the drug to cope up with discomfort or tension. If the discomfort or stress issues repeat, the individual connects for the drug. It becomes a vicious circle until the individual is caught in the endless spiral and can not get out of it any longer.

  • Production of a cycle wherein the user experiences discomfort or stress and uses drugs. The individual establishes yearning for the drug even if he or she does not experience pain or tension.
  • The addict experiences mood swings, anxiety, stress and anxiety, fear and violence.
  • Decrease in enjoyment in daily life; absolutely nothing makes them happy.
  • The user has hallucinations. He sees and hears things that are not there.
  • A drug user is typically confused and can not think straight.
  • They are always afraid, thinking that individuals have bad design versus them.
  • They develop a desire for an ever-increasing amount of the drug.
  • They become brave to make dangerous habits like leaping from a high building.