Ways To Assist A Drug User

It is tough to reach out to a person who has a drug problem even if he is someone you like. Very typically, other family members and good friends would instead turn a blind eye hoping that the person would eventually see the risk of drugs and stop utilizing it. Dependency will never disappear and denying the reality will prevent the individual from a sincere appreciation of the issue and the repercussions.

Ways to assist a Drug user

Technique – A caring and caring approach are essential instead of a severe one. It should not be confrontational and aggressive. Be prepared that the person will always be protective and hostile. Keep cool and keep a caring atmosphere. Do not sound accusing and judgmental. However, it would be best if you let the individual understand that you understand his/her problem. The circumstance will be frightening and upset but do not blame and avoid bitter fights. Concentrate on what it is told and not on how it is

Express Issue – The approach should begin with an expression of deep issue and care. Let the individual know that he or she likes and seen as essential to the family and friends.

Offer Assistance – Offer a dedication to help and support them if they wish to take decisive action to the situation

Present the Realities – In a loving method, present the facts and reality about substance abuse and be specific about their behavior. Do not make any ethical judgment and viewpoint. Only tell the person how he behaved when under the influence of drugs and how the family and friends feel.

Discuss that they have a Health Problem – Explain in a loving way that a drug issue is a health problem which is not a moral weakness or lack of will power. Let them know that he or she is a decent person suffering from an extremely damaging health problem that will cause a progressive decline which when not treated will result in a possible and fatal scenario.

Use Bargaining Power Where Possible – The more bargaining power there is, the much better is the offer of help. However, this must not appear as a type of danger by the individual with the drug problem. Preferably, it is a choice provided and not forced. Utilize a tone that shows deep issue however company.